Friday, November 4, 2011

Quilt Market 2011

Quilt market is over and we think it was a great success.  We had lots of compliments on our designs and our booth layout.  We even had fun wearing our newly designed t-shirts.  We had bouncy cat headbands, but decided not to include them in the picture since I want this as our new website pic.  All in all, a very successful weekend.
Our Sugar 'n Spice quilt.  Notice the yo-yo pillow on the chair.  I went a little crazy after having to make so many yo-yos for the quilt and I just continued on to make enough for this cute little pillow.
The completed booth.  It's really hard to coordinate the quilts when we have so many different styles and colors.  But I think it looks great.

We had this outside wall to also display more quilts, so we put Minay's Love It or Leaf It quilts up.  They were very eyecatching.
More finished booth.  We like the open layout of a double booth.  It allows customers easy access to see the quilts up close.

If you made it to market and visited us - thanks!  It's always nice to see our customers.  If you couldn't make it to market, please check out our website to see all the great patterns you missed seeing up close and personal.  
Amy & Judy

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