Monday, June 27, 2011

Fall Patterns


We've been working hard on lots of new designs.  Judy has gone crazy for brights and has come up with the cutest kids quilts we've ever done.  I think you'll like them too.  Look for them soon on the website.  They're in production right now. 

Happy Shacks

All 3 of these quilts are great for scraps, jelly rolls, charm packs - well, anything bright for sure! 

Cheerios has a foundation block which makes it even easier - a total no brainer!

Short Circuit
Happy Shacks is purely up to your imagination.  We give you the basic idea and it's up to you to create a row of wacky houses and trees.  It's fabric fun at it's finest.

Short Circuit is just colorful fun.  I'm totally in love with dots right now.  They're fun and playful and go perfectly 
with these colorful designs.

Stay tuned - we have lots more...... Amy