Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I've been surfing for awhile on Pinterest, Facebook and different blogs that I like and I've come up with a list of trends I see emerging.


Modern quilts
Zig zag - quilts and fabrics
Fresh, clean prints
Scrap quilts
Gray as background
Big stitch quilting

Have you noticed any trends?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

I've recently gotten interested in "big stitch quilting".  I've been seeing it all over the internet and magazines and now I'm hooked.  It's just hand quilting using perle cotton thread (size 8) and big stitches.  Nothing fancy here. 

One of the quilts I made was this rail fence. I purchased 1 1/2" strips in a coordinated set called Honey Buns and wanted to use them in a "big stitch" quilt.  Would you believe it only took me 1 week to hand quilt this? It's not large, but I was surprised how quick it went.

The other one I did was this cute triangle quilt. I had recently learned how to make half square triangles super quick and wanted to try that out. Then I added the big stitch quilting.  I used a wool batting and that made it really soft and drapey.

Now I'm dreaming up a couple more quilts just so I can hand stitch them. Crazy how everything old is new again!