Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Are YOU ready for 2019?  Isn't 2020 still 10 years away?  It feels like it is a small dot on the horizon most days and then I refocus and realize it is NEXT YEAR!  Yikes!  Okay, time to scurry back into my little quilt world like the proverbial groundhog (did you notice the groundhog quilt in the movie "Groundhog Day"?).  Besides the day to day of running Black Cat Creations, I like (and need) to step away and get perspective on what is happening in this big wide world -- of quilting!  I do this by socializing with other quilters and I am sure this is an activity that you, dear reader, share with me!

The two sewing groups (actually, by name, three, but two of them share the same membership!) I belong to will continue to meet this year!  I hope!  The Frayed Knots meets the first Thursday of each month and the Material Girls meet every Tuesday at our local quilt shop (LQS), Cupcake Fabric and Quilts in Humble, Texas. 

The Frayed Knots  group has been around nearly 20 years with a few of the charter members (Judy P., Joan S., Lynn F. and me) still attending.  We meet at a community center in a room shared with "yarn" people which is really fun.  Handwork often involving finishing up UFO's and Angel Gown assembly (disassembly of wedding gowns, too) and some small machine projects are the norm, all accompanied by lively conversation, laughter, and sometimes tears as we say goodbye to members who must move on to other towns or states, and members who have passed on.  Guests visit who may or not be quilters which always adds to the mix!  In the past we have participated in challenges and displayed our results at the Kingwood Area Quilt Guild Quilt Show. 

The Tuesday meetup is a working group (Material Girls); everyone brings their machines or handwork to work on new projects and to resurrect UFO's.  This group shares membership with the Queen Bee which meets at members' homes the second Friday of each month and revolves around show and tell (often prefaced with "If you weren't at Cupcake on Tuesday you may not have seen this....") and a potluck lunch.  We never know what kind of food will appear--desserts or main dishes.  We have dined on main dishes and no desserts and we have dined on all desserts and raided the hostess' freezer for some protein-like dishes!  Occasionally, someone will demonstrate a new technique or tool.  These two(?) groups (Material Girls/Queen Bee) are rowdier than the Frayed Knots but share the charm and laughter and inspiration.

So even though the years pass way too quickly outside my quilt world's time-space continuum, these groups help to keep me grounded within it and inspire me to start new projects, finish UFO's or just reorganize my sewing room.  

My new passion this year?  Yo-yo's!  What am I going to do with them?  My idea today will be different tomorrow so it will be a surprise to me too!  Don't you love ADD? 

I hope you have a great, fun year full of new UFO's, old and new friends, and always inspiration!

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